About Us


Pew Pew Patches was born in 2014 in a collaboration between Dawn Bey and Danny Kostianos who met at art school in Hong Kong. 

Named after the sound of lasers, Pew Pew Patches aims to reinterpret the hot item of the ‘80s in the voice of the millennials today while bringing back personality into mass produced identical-looking clothes.

The patches designed and produced by the duo are witty and have a personal story to them. Production runs in small quantities so grab them as fast as you can before they're sold out! We don't know when patches will be restocked again! In 2015, the patches were also made available with self-adhesive backings to enable customers to take the patches with them on a wider range of fabrics. 

Being artists themselves, Pew Pew Patches wanted to give young artists an outlet for their work.  Thus in 2016, the brand launched collections in collaboration with illustrators and retailers like Snackfood in Malaysia and Flabjacks from Shanghai, China.

 Today, the brand is based in Singapore where Dawn comes from. Explore the world of Pew Pew Patches today on instagram with #pewpewpatches.