01. How do I iron on your patches?
We've got a guideline which is on the back of our packaging too. (See below)
02. What can I iron these patches on?
You can iron these on denims, canvas, cotton and anything that doesn't melt under the iron! Our community has patched our patches on shoes, hats, overalls and more!
03. How do I use sticker patches?
Sticker patches are unlike iron on patches because you should not use them on fabrics! They are for you to place them on surfaces that cannot be ironed on like PVC, notebooks and phone cases! If you'd like to place them on fabric, you should get the patches with iron-on backing so that they do not fall off in the wash. 
04. My patch fell off! What should I do?
This happens sometimes because the patch was not ironed for a long enough time. You can attempt to iron it back again! 
If it does not iron back on, the glue could have disappeared with all the heat from prolonged ironing. Don't throw it away! You can email us and mail the patch back to us and we'd turn it into a pin for you for free!
05. What methods are available for offline payment?
We offer payment via paypal and credit card payments and offline payment for customers in Hong Kong and Singapore. For paypal, you simply need a credit card and an account.
As for offline payment, once your order has been processed, we will send you the account details where the payment should be made to and send us a shot of the receipt back. Your patches will then be mailed out after payment has been made! No money, no honey darling ;D
06. Do you do customisations?
Yes we do but we have a high minimum quantity per design. We do designing too! Drop us an email and we can get talking. 
For other questions, email us at hello@pewpewpatches.com xx